@explorewilder I just checked out your website and it's really impressive! I love the design and how you've integrated journal entries and GPS tracks.

The Galaxy Tree

Image Credit & Copyright: César Vega Toledano ; Rollover Annotation: Judy Schmidt

apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap210523.ht #APoD

From last summer: a sleepy owl watching as I ate lunch at a picnic table under its tree.

I'm really fond of flickers. Here's a cute one resting on a branch last spring.

If passed, this bill could fulfill a long-standing dream of U.S. law enforcement: the end of private, encrypted messaging on the Internet. eff.org/deeplinks/2020/03/earn

There is no evidence that surveilling students will lead to better safety outcomes. Instead, the few studies that exist show that visible surveillance decreases students’ perceptions of safety, equity, and support. eff.org/deeplinks/2020/02/scho

There are many forest fires in Mexico at the moment, which is why Mexico City is in a pollution contingency plan. The fires are concentrated in avocado-growing regions: people are illegally burning down forest to turn it into avocado monocultures, and taking advantage of a loophole in land-use laws: sinembargo.mx/16-05-2019/35819

The article says those avocados get exported to Japan, Canada, and Europe.

So if you live there, maybe try to eat something else?

TIL – Using conditional entries in .gitconfig to automatically manage #git identities based on the working directory. Nice!


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