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was chatting on the way home now and im curious what any of y'all think: how do you differentiate a long walk from a hike? 

@raindrops I'd say if you should have "hiking" shoes, it's a hike. If regular old sneakers aren't a problem, it's probably a walk.

website question — probably a simple one, but i just barely understand HTML 

@jomc I've never used Dreamhost, but it looks like they have built-in support for free certificates using LetsEncrypt:

Post apocalyptic swimming area 

@compostablespork For sure! Reminds me of coastal parks in the winter too. Gloomy weather, completely deserted, everything somehow feels 50 years older than it does in the summer (plus spooky dark forests there as a bonus).

Post apocalyptic swimming area 

@compostablespork Haha, I was like "I totally know a place that feels exactly the same way in the winter when they drain the lake. And it looks just like this!" Then I realized it _is_ the same place. Small world!

@david I absolutely love the colors and the lighting of these.

@explorewilder I just checked out your website and it's really impressive! I love the design and how you've integrated journal entries and GPS tracks.

@caileyco Thanks! It was a nice surprise when I saw the picture for sure.

@nicole_bell Or I could just grow my hair out and start painting :blobthinkingcool:

@nicole_bell Yeah the hard work has already been done for me. Just remove the paintbrush, tweak the hair a bit, and voila.

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