@geckzilla That's one of the things I love about fungi. You can go a lifetime without hardly noticing them, but if you pay attention you start seeing them everywhere and wonder how you could have missed such interesting and diverse lifeforms that were right in front of your eyes. Like nature in general I suppose.

@walruslifestyle I don't disagree about the high cost of letting Google (or some other big corporation) censor your emails. That doesn't mean it's less secure though. It's not an easy choice, but we should take it seriously and realize that different people have different threat models.

And as someone who has run their own mail system, I still assert that it's difficult to set up and maintain. Particularly to the level of security and reliability that Google can. I wish it wasn't the case!

@chris As much as I love self-hosting, I think for most users this isn't the case. Google blocks a lot of spam and phishing/malware that gets through almost any other setup. And securely hosting web software is very easy to mess up. Whether or not G Suite is safer than a standard Google account depends a lot on the admins. If they have good security practices, block all apps, and require 2-factor, G Suite is probably better.

@nolan Have you checked out dev containers for VS Code? It's the smoothest way of getting relatively sandboxed dev environments I've used.


@bonzoesc eBay probably uses the additional interaction to fingerprint you. (joking. kind of)

@bonzoesc My guess is that they have different login flows, depending on the user. Single sign-on redirecting to a third party login page, for example. It's annoying for folks with passwords, but I also suspect it works more consistently than asking users that use SSO to click a different button, which I feel like was the old paradigm.

Possible solution: get rid of passwords. Use an email with a login link, webauthn, or SSO. The initial form field just has email, but webauthn is fast at least.

@anna I'm pretty happy with it. I've also got one of these thumb roller style mice which I liked when I was younger, but it irritates my thumb these days.

I've never tried the ones with the big ball though.

@anna I prefer handshake-style ergonomic mice. This is my current favorite: logitech.com/en-us/product/mx-. It's comfortable of course, and I appreciate that it can be used wired, with the included dongle, or with Bluetooth.

It's rechargeable, but they say the battery is accessible via screws for recycling so I'm hopeful that I could replace it when the battery dies someday (and if not, at least I could still use it with the USB cable).

If passed, this bill could fulfill a long-standing dream of U.S. law enforcement: the end of private, encrypted messaging on the Internet. eff.org/deeplinks/2020/03/earn

@annika My server was getting bombarded as well. I patched it to add timeouts which kept it from going down (since I was exposing gitea directly without a reverse proxy). After 1.11 I didn't want to figure out how to add the timeouts without messing up the graceful restart changes so I just put it behind nginx and it's stable at least.

There is no evidence that surveilling students will lead to better safety outcomes. Instead, the few studies that exist show that visible surveillance decreases students’ perceptions of safety, equity, and support. eff.org/deeplinks/2020/02/scho

@liaizon No, I'm sure that's fine. It's been a while, but I think I just set mine up with grub as the default for convenience.

If I remember right efibootmgr only has macOS selected after an upgrade. So I think you could use it to set macOS as the first option and Ubuntu as the second option and then it _should_ show up when you hold down the option key, but boot into macOS by default.

@liaizon (there's a lot more info there, but you should only have to worry about changing the boot order)

@liaizon Pretty much every time I update macOS the boot order gets reset. If you boot into a live USB you can use efibootmgr to change the boot order making Ubuntu boot before macOS.

This seems to be a pretty good overview of how to use efibootmgr: linuxbabe.com/command-line/how.

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