@mpmilestogo They probably have some interesting biology to prevent injuring their brains.

Woodpecker friend at my campsite.

I believe it's a hairy woodpecker (Dryobates villosus).

Mental health, - 

@alstev Just by sharing that you've helped others that are feeling isolated and alone in their suffering. I hope this wave passes for you soon 💚

This was my first attempt at a Milky Way shot and I had no idea how to process it. It's really hard not to overdo it. I especially wanted to avoid over-brightening, but as a result it can be a little hard to see.

It *feels* about right, in that it brings me back to the moment and feels genuine, which is about all I can ask for.

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@asiniy Almost! And on a holiday weekend. Very peaceful.

@nuala Similarly I read that if we all went to a market where we could trade our troubles for anyone else's, everyone would be happy to go home with their own.

I've noticed myself remembering that when I'm jealous of people for many reasons, including attractiveness, and it seems to hold up quite well.

Visited the Teos archaeological site yesterday. It's minimally developed, but quite fun to explore. It's also covered in wildflowers right now and full of impressive old olive trees.

@stux So cool!!

For another variation of the slug-leaf hybrid, see Elysia chlorotica.

"It punctures the algal cell wall with its radula, then holds the algal strand firmly in its mouth and sucks out the contents as from a straw. Instead of digesting the entire cell contents, or passing the contents through its gut unscathed, it retains only the chloroplasts..."


(image source: flickr.com/photos/44919417@N04)

@ceciliawords Those are some good looking ducks. Thanks for sharing! I can't believe she moved her whole nest like that.

There was also a duck named Pippin in Oregon, though she unfortunately died a few years ago. Thanks for reminding me of her.

@erinellston@mastodon.art Thanks Erin! They really were special. And the fact that it was the off season and I could enjoy them mostly by myself was such a treat.

Looking forward to your posts as well!

@asiniy Glad I could share it. I was definitely impressed. This is in Greece. It's the remains of a hilltop fortress near Corinth.


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