There are many forest fires in Mexico at the moment, which is why Mexico City is in a pollution contingency plan. The fires are concentrated in avocado-growing regions: people are illegally burning down forest to turn it into avocado monocultures, and taking advantage of a loophole in land-use laws:

The article says those avocados get exported to Japan, Canada, and Europe.

So if you live there, maybe try to eat something else?

@annika That would be really disappointing since online bill pay is pretty standard. I hadn't used paper checks for years even before switching to Simple.

TIL – Using conditional entries in .gitconfig to automatically manage #git identities based on the working directory. Nice!

A few pictures from a recent walk to the ponds near my house. The primary goal was a GPS track so I could add a new path to OpenStreetMap.

@platypus Haha, don't worry Microsoft will definitely undo those regedit changes in a future update anyway.

@platypus Every once in a while I need legit Office to edit documents for work, otherwise I could ditch Windows. But I should just run a VM on Linux and call it good. I just hate to use a pirated copy or pay for a license for a VM I only use a couple times a year.

@platypus Sounds about right. Every time it happens I have some dread that Windows has finally decided to eat my Linux partition, but so far, so good.

@platypus Ah, I've been in that fun situation before too! You might have already tried this, but I think I was able to fix it by booting up with a live CD and running efibootmgr to change the UEFI boot order so that Linux/grub is before Windows (making sure that boot order was isn't locked in the BIOS settings first). Good luck!

Linux laptop advice 

Recurse Center is offering $10,000 fellowships to women, trans, and nonbinary people!

RC was a hugely positive and transformative experience for me as a person and a programmer; I highly recommend it

For folks running Gitea servers: the most recent release fixes a pretty serious vulnerability. Make sure your instance is up to date!

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