Last night about an hour before bed I upgraded the Windows partition of my machine and now the GNU GRUB multiboot loader has disappeared??? I spent a little time poking the BIOS last night, lowering Windows priority, enabling and disabling boot lock. Anyway.

Looks like this will work.

grumble grumble

@platypus Ah, I've been in that fun situation before too! You might have already tried this, but I think I was able to fix it by booting up with a live CD and running efibootmgr to change the UEFI boot order so that Linux/grub is before Windows (making sure that boot order was isn't locked in the BIOS settings first). Good luck!

@james That's pretty much what I'm planning to do yeah. Per checking partitions, everything is there, I think I just need to recreate or reorder or otherwise kick GRUB in the pants to get it going again

@platypus Sounds about right. Every time it happens I have some dread that Windows has finally decided to eat my Linux partition, but so far, so good.

@james I need someone to develop quilt software which works on Linux and I need a new printer which will talk to Mint (weirdly, my printer won't -- known issue) and then I could just give up on it. but until then? :-/ oh and I guess iphone management.


@platypus Every once in a while I need legit Office to edit documents for work, otherwise I could ditch Windows. But I should just run a VM on Linux and call it good. I just hate to use a pirated copy or pay for a license for a VM I only use a couple times a year.

@james Yeah, this speaks very much to my feelings -- my PC came with Windows 10 built in and running a VM would probably mean getting a new license, whatnot, when I've already essentially paid for it. I last used Windows in Sept (until last night messing in iTunes). I dunno. Also I put in all this regedit work to make sure that Cortana really is turned off and stuff. :P

@platypus Haha, don't worry Microsoft will definitely undo those regedit changes in a future update anyway.

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